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Welcome to the website of Colorado Gem and Mineral Co.  We offer crystalized minerals, gems and collectibles in all price ranges, at affordable prices and we've been in  business for 40+ years. We keep costs down by not having a retail store or having a lot of employees. We buy only what will be a good deal to our customers, and have developed a network of some of the best worldwide sources. Just posted new shipment of Aquamarines on matrix, and brilliant black tourmalines with quartz crystals in aesthetic groups (Namibian minerals),


polychrome-jasper Faden Quartzchrysanthemum-stoneAmethyst-Uruguay Quartz-with-Spessartite Amethyst-Namibia, bou oudi amethyst

We specialize in Gem Minerals, Quartz, and especially Amethyst.  Other gems we carry include Opal and Tourmaline.  New finds include Amethyst from Guerrero and Vera Cruz Mexico, and Tata, Morocco.  Faden Quartz from South Waziristan, a Tribal Area in Pakistan. We consider Faden Quartz to be an amazing demonstration of piezo-electric properties utilized during the growth of these complicated yet aesthetic formations almost unrecognizable from normal habits of Quartz.

New Every month- Namibia Minerals- Amethyst, Dioptase, Aquamarines, and Schorls/Quartz

From the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan we have a large shipment of high-end Faden Quartz, with  many rare specimens including groups with scattered Brookite crystals.  New crystal habit of Epidote from Baluchistan, Pakistan, hundreds of crystals in stock-wholesale inquiries for quantity invited.

See our Vanadanites from Morocco and Arizona (Minerals H to Z), and NEW! Very good pseudomorphs of Dolomite after Aragonite from New Mexico. (Minerals A-G)

Lots of Aquamarines from $25 on up (Namibia Minerals, Afghan-Pakistan Pegmatite section and in Minerals A-G, under Beryl, var. Aquamarine)

Elbaite Tourmalines in Quartz from Brazil 

New Amethyst specimens from Namibia including scepters, and one-of-a- kind pieces from everywhere.

Finished jewelry (Helicon Designs) with colored stones

All sizes Chrysanthemum Stones from Hubei Province, China.

Check our Four Peaks Amethyst inventory (Amethyst Gemstones) for new posts, and please inquire for sizes and shapes available. We have a deep inventory so feel free to send us your special wants if you see something like it here.  We will soon be offering wholesale gemstone parcels of Tata, Morocco Amethyst

Special Offer- Buy a Four Peaks or Afghanistan cut amethyst and receive a free amethyst crystal from that location with your new gem! All items are sent on 10 day approval if returned in original condition.

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