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Four Peaks Amethyst Mine, Maricopa Cnty, AZ, USA

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L: 18.50mm
W: 0.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 21.01ct
Square cushion with deep reddish-purple color, step cut tiny veil visible only on close inspectio..
L: 15.00mm
W: 9.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 7.49ct
Red violet octagon, clean, like a purple neon light, classic step cut to perfect angles. 7.49ct $..
L: 19.00mm
W: 17.00mm
H: 14.00mm
Weight: 21.37ct
Very brilliant triangle cushion with reddish purple color, excellent cut, maximum light return.&n..
L: 21.60mm
W: 15.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 22.36ct
Siberian color octagon, stepcut, slight veil ( very difficult to see).  A classic Amethyst f..
L: 37.00mm
W: 32.00mm
H: 16.00mm
Weight: 53.14ct
One of the finest Four Peaks we have cut, a flawless 53.14 carat cushion with excellent color, so..
L: 15.00mm
W: 9.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 5.86ct
Bright reddish violet octagon, clean, excellent cut. 5.86ct $40/ct ..
L: 21.00mm
W: 21.00mm
H: 14.00mm
Weight: 29.47ct
Four Peaks Amethyst heart with excellent color, clean to the eye.  An investment quality gem..
Amethyst and Diamond in 14Kt Gold
L: 12.00mm
W: 10.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 5.07ct
Very nice flawless 5.07ct octagon with .05 carat Diamond (VS, H color) in solid 14Kt gold Stuller..
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