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Phillipine Islands

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Black Spotted Tritom
Item: 8801
Locality: Phillipine Islands
L: 5.50in
W: 2.50in
H: 2.00in
Weight: 0.00ct
Cymatium Lotorium  Conch-like Seashell with what looks like a snake going through it's shell..
Compressed Miter (Miter Compressum)
Item: 8509
Locality: Phillipine Islands
L: 3.00in
W: 1.00in
H: 1.00in
Weight: 0.00ct
Beautiful pattern, beautiful colors on this special seashell. ..
Cone shell collection
Item: 8530
Locality: Phillipine Islands
L: 2.00in
W: 0.00in
H: 4.50in
Weight: 0.00ct
One each of the following seashells: Lettered C  and one  (conus litteratus),  Mar..
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