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Ocean Jasper

This multicolored orbicular jasper is mined at low tide along the shore in Madagascar. See under quartz section also. No two pieces are the same. We just cut some of the most beautiful material and now offer the finished tongues and cabochons for sale.

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Ocean Jasper
Item: 1243
Locality: Madagascar
L: 28.00mm
W: 15.00mm
H: 4.00mm
Weight: 0.00ct
Beautiful tranlucent tongue with polkadots of yellow in green jasper.  28x15x4mm
Ocean Jasper Matched Tongues
Item: 1241
Locality: Madagascar
L: 20.00mm
W: 12.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 0.00ct
The recent discovery of this orbicular jasper on the coast of Madagascar, mined only at low tide, is now famous in the jewelry industry. Brand New Arrival. 20x12mm
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