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Quartz Enhydro with skeletal faces and phantoms

Quartz Enhydro with skeletal faces and phantoms
Dimensions: L: 4  x  W: 3  x 
Locality: Gobogobos, Brandberg Mtns., Namibia
Item: 3864
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Price: $425.00
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Very fine quartz crystal with some tiny smaller ones attached (unusual) with skeletal faces, hopper faces and a large bubble that is easily seen moving inside. Also some loose clay in other tubes. A floater crystal. Has on one face a small missing area but it is nearly impossible to see that due to the skeletal nature of that face, and it may have been pocket caused rather than anything caused by man. This is the biggest Brandberg quartz we have ever had, and well priced. This has it all, locality, brilliance, distorted habit, unusual face features, and a water bubble. more views available on request.
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