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Dave Daniels Collection

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Item: dd8
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 3.90in
W: 3.60in
H: 3.00in
Weight: 891.00g
From the collection of Dave Daniel, a long time client of Colorado Gem and Mineral Co, comes for sale the finest crystal of Amethyst known from the Jalingo, Nigeria locality mined in the years 2000 to 2002. It has deep Siberian color and is gemmy with hoppered faces and very little wear even though it was found in alluvium.  It is a very rare specimen and has been featured in Lithograp
Amethyst / Smoky Quartz
Item: dd22
Locality: Goboboseb Mountains, Erongo, Namibia
L: 3.50in
W: 1.00in
H: 1.00in
Weight: 0.00g
Extremely rare, doubly-terminated crystals of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz, showing reverse scepter growth in an incredible, parallel composition.     DW
Amethyst / Smoky Quartz Scepter
Item: dd14
Locality: Onyang, South Korea
L: 3.50in
W: 2.00in
H: 1.75in
Weight: 0.00ct
From Korea, this rare scepter combines an Amethyst head on a Smoky Quartz shaft.  Classic scepter shape, from the collection of Dave Daniel.  Has slight nick.but not easy to spot.
Amethyst / Smoky Quartz Scepter
Item: dd15
Locality: Brandberg Massif, Namibia
L: 3.50in
W: 1.40in
H: 1.25in
Weight: 0.00ct
Quartz Scepter with colorless shaft and Smoky Quartz head.  Difficult to find in this size and coloration.  From Brandberg Massif, Namibia, the premier Quartz locality in Africa. Copy link into address bar to view video :
Amethyst Cluster
Item: dd17
Locality: Gobodobos, Namibia (Brandberg region)
L: 4.50in
W: 2.25in
H: 2.00in
Weight: 0.00g
Beautiful Amethyst cluster in excellent condition, from premier locality.   Very aesthetic.
Amethyst Crystals on Sulfides
Item: dd11
Locality: Turt Mines, Oasului Mountains, Maramures, Romania
L: 3.10in
W: 2.20in
H: 1.40in
Weight: 0.00g
Pale, prismatic Amethyst crystals set aesthetically atop a matrix of sulfides. 360 degrees display angles. From Rob Lavinsky.
Item: dd2
L: 6.25in
W: 3.50in
H: 2.25in
Weight: 0.00g
Brilliant Quartz crystal with excellent form, and smaller crystal near base.   posted
Item: dd21
Locality: Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
L: 5.25in
W: 2.75in
H: 1.00in
Weight: 0.00g
Exceptional duo of brilliant Quartz crystals in dramatic composition, from premier Quartz locality.   Very aesthetic.   posted
Quartz "Icicle"
Item: dd1
Locality: Dasso, Northern Territories, Pakistan
L: 3.75in
W: 1.40in
H: 1.30in
Weight: 0.00ct
From the Himalayas at 14,000 feet comes this flawless, terminated Quartz crystal that has been naturally corroded to reveal fascinating patterns on it's exterior.  We sold this to Dave Daniel ten years ago and as he concentrates his collection on US pegmatite minerals, we are selling this again.
Quartz - Japan Twin Law
Item: dd18
Locality: Huancavelica Dept., Peru
L: 4.50in
W: 3.50in
H: 1.75in
Weight: 0.00g
Plate of Quartz crystals exhibiting the Japan Twin Law, with other prismatic Quartz crystals.   Matrix specimens like this are quite rare.   posted
Quartz on Ferberite
Item: dd5
Locality: Yaogangxian, Hunan Province, China
L: 2.00in
W: 2.00in
H: 1.00in
Weight: 0.00g
Well-formed Ferberite crystal with crown of Quartz crystals.   Very aesthetic.   posted
Quartz on Hematite
Item: dd19
Locality: Jinlong hill, Heyuan Prefecture, Guangdong Prov., China
L: 4.50in
W: 2.00in
H: 2.00in
Weight: 0.00g
Two brilliant Quartz crystals nicely perched on contrasting Hematite matrix.   posted
Quartz Scepter - clear head on Smoky stem
Item: dd7
Locality: Hallelujah Junction, Lassen Co., California USA
L: 4.80in
W: 1.20in
H: 0.90in
Weight: 0.00g
From mine-owner Foster Hallman in the 90s at Tucson. Dark, opaque smoky "stem" hosting a semi-transparent, colorless, lustrous, sharply formed "head".to form a "scepter." Rare proportions, size and combination of color. Similar to those on the cover of the latest Mineralogical Record!  There is a complete color article on this famous Quartz locality. Click on photo to see cover of the Jour
Quartz with Pyrite
Item: dd3
Locality: Bou Azer District, Morocco
L: 3.20in
W: 2.20in
H: 1.20in
Weight: 0.00ct
Very rare specimen of a Quartz crystal cloaked in crystallized Pyrite  with only a portion of the the Quartz revealed.  Formerly in the Victor Yount collection, traded to Jack Lowell , and then later sold to Dave Daniel.  A very fine specimen.
Quartz with Siderite
Item: dd4
Locality: Gouranca, Morocco
L: 3.30in
W: 3.30in
H: 0.50in
Weight: 0.00ct
 Very aesthetic, 5 sharp clear-to-translucent quartz xls w/ some light hematite staining, contrasted with sharp, dark hematite rhombs. Contact in back does not detract. From the Dave Daniel Collection, previously from Rob Lavinsky.
Quartz, var. Amethyst Scepter
Item: dd12
Locality: Espirito Santo, Brazil
L: 6.00in
W: 2.50in
H: 2.00in
Weight: 0.00ct
An incredible Amethyst specimen, purchased by Jack Lowell in 1973, on his first trip to Brazil, from the famous jewelry designer Haroldo Burle Marx.  It began growth as a colorless enlongated prism, and at a later time formed a deep reddish purple tip with several smaller Amethyst crystals of the same color.  It came from a pegmatite, which is a rare geologic origin for an Amethyst.&n
Smoky Quartz Scepter, var. Crocodile Quartz
Item: dd13
Locality: Minas Gerais, Brazil
L: 7.60in
W: 3.50in
H: 3.30in
Weight: 0.00ct
Museum caliber specimen of Smoky Quartz from a pegmatite, showing "crocodile growth" on all sides.  Has one feature of a tiny radioactive inclusion with a halo of smoky color around it.  One of the finest Quartzes we have ever seen, this was sold to Dave Daniel in 2004.  It is in perfect condition, very brilliant, and has infinite display possibilities.   Copy link i
Tourmaline ( Schorl ) with Smoky Quartz
Item: dd10
Locality: Erongo, Namibia
L: 2.80in
W: 2.00in
H: 1.80in
Weight: 0.00g
Schorls and Smoky Quartz together in geometric array, one of the finest we've ever seen. Geometric specimen with infinite display angles. Sold to Dave Daniels by Jack Lowell in 2007. 
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