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Tsumeb, Namibia

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Item: 9705
Locality: Tsumeb, Namibia
L: 1.25in
W: 1.00in
H: 1.00in
Weight: 16.20g
From the classic Azurite locality Tsumeb, an excellent cluster of large Azurite crystals with..
Item: 8500
Locality: Tsumeb, Namibia
L: 2.00in
W: 2.00in
H: 1.50in
Weight: 0.00ct
Spray of thick blades of Azurite with a few crystals being replaced by Malachite.  Classic Ts..
Item: 9129
Locality: Tsumeb, Namibia
L: 6.50in
W: 3.50in
H: 2.25in
Weight: 925.00g
Classic locality Tsumeb started in the 1860's with the working of "Green Hill," a huge hill compos..
Item: 9128
Locality: Tsumeb, Namibia
L: 5.00in
W: 3.50in
H: 1.50in
Weight: 422.00g
From Tsumeb, a specimen mined in the 70's of botryoidal Malachite, showing banding on edges. Almos..
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