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Jalingo, Nigeria

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Item: 1550
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 0.00in
W: 1.25in
H: 0.00in
Weight: 0.00
Striking natural chevron color zoning in rare amethyst from Nigeria. Very fine object of art...
Item: 7577
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 20.00mm
W: 17.00mm
H: 13.50mm
Weight: 24.39ct
Oval with deep Siberian color, from Jalingo, Nigeria, a rare locality.  These Amethyst have t..
Item: 7579
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 16.00mm
W: 13.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 11.63ct
Bright cushion with excellent color, characteristic tiny silver  metallic threads of hematite..
Item: 9206
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 3.90in
W: 3.60in
H: 3.00in
Weight: 891.00g
From the collection of Dave Daniel, a long time client of Colorado Gem and Mineral Co, comes for s..
Item: 6968
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 16.70mm
W: 10.30mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 0.00ct
Siberian color (deep reddish purple) drop shape with step cut, clean to the eye, tiny multicolored..
Item: 8302
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 43.00mm
W: 39.00mm
H: 13.00mm
Weight: 28.78ct
Modified diamond step cut Amethyst from Jalingo, Nigeria with Siberian color.  Clean except f..
Amethyst, Doubly terminated
Item: 3215
Locality: Jalingo, Nigeria
L: 2.25in
W: 1.50in
H: 1.50in
Weight: 0.00
Very rare crystal from rare locality, this complex crystal has gemmy reddish purple tips, was mined ..
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