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Item: 1518
Locality: Australia
L: 0.00in
W: 1.40in
H: 0.00in
Weight: 0.00
Nicely carved angel fish with banded metamorphic pattern...
Item: 7543
Locality: Australia
L: 31.00mm
W: 17.00mm
H: 6.00mm
Weight: 18.04ct
Very good solid white Australian Opal, With all colors of the rainbow distributed evenly throughou..
Item: 9084
Locality: Australia
L: 17.00mm
W: 20.00mm
H: 5.00mm
Weight: 10.59ct
Solid white Opal with green and orange play of color throughout the stone, small fiery patches.&nb..
Item: 2075
Locality: Australia
L: 12.00mm
W: 10.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 2.67ct
Very fine solid white opal with large patches of all colors, mostly orange. Shows colors 15 feet a..
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