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Cubic Zirconia
Item: 9069
Locality: Russia
L: 7.50mm
W: 0.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 1.50ct
Brilliant cut Laboratory created Cubic Zirconia in same size as 1.5 carat diamond.  Nearly in..
Emerald (Taurus Russian Synthetic)
Item: 1962
Locality: Russia
L: 9.00mm
W: 7.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 1.38ct
The finest synthetic hydrothermal emerald, cut to perfect angles. Flawless 80/ct Comparable to a Z..
Ruby (Synthetic)
Item: h34
Locality: Russia
L: 5.00mm
W: 0.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 0.00ct
Bright, super-red, flawless, perfect-cut Ruby set in Sterling silver.  ..
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