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Sri Lanka

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Hessonite Garnet
Item: 3171
Locality: Sri Lanka
L: 13.00mm
W: 10.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 6.35ct
Orange red cushion, excellent stone, $60/ct If this were a spessartite, which is very similar in c..
Hessonite Garnet
Item: 8087
Locality: Sri Lanka
L: 10.00mm
W: 9.00mm
H: 5.60mm
Weight: 3.12ct
Brilliant, wine red, clean to the eye Hessonite Garnet  oval, 3.12 carats, $85/ct ..
Pyrope Garnet
Item: 9092
Locality: Sri Lanka
L: 10.00mm
W: 0.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 4.71ct
Flawless deep red Pyrope Garnet cut in unusual six sided star cut.  Looks like a red star.&nb..
Star Sapphire
Item: 7541
Locality: Sri Lanka
L: 9.00mm
W: 7.00mm
H: 5.00mm
Weight: 3.80ct
Excellent Star Sapphire, silver color, very transucent with sharp star, perfectly cut.  3.80 ..
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