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Item: 9094
Locality: Rwanda
L: 12.00mm
W: 12.00mm
H: 9.00mm
Weight: 7.30ct
A flawless square octagon Barion cut, was pictured in the English Journal of Gemmology, v.38 2018 ..
Item: 9070
Locality: Rwanda
L: 22.00mm
W: 17.00mm
H: 13.00mm
Weight: 28.38ct
Extremely fine cushion with deep reddish purple color, Siberian color.  From the new discover..
Amethyst Heart
Item: 9093
Locality: Rwanda
L: 15.00mm
W: 14.00mm
H: 10.00mm
Weight: 10.91ct
Pictured in the Journal of Gemmology vol.38 2018 P16.  New discovery in Rwanda of Amethyst, w..
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