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Four Peaks, Maricopa County, Arizona

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L: 20.00mm
W: 17.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 21.47ct
Deep Siberian color Amethyst oval, minor veils under 10x, excellent gem 21.46 carats, $35/ct ..
L: 13.00mm
W: 10.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 7.29ct
Siberian color octagon, some micro inclusions of liquid, characteristic for Four Peaks, 7.29 carat..
L: 12.00mm
W: 9.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 0.00ct
Bright octagon with Siberian color, clean to the eye, 6.00 carats $40/ct K lot ..
L: 10.28mm
W: 0.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 3.46ct
Siberian color round, Moroccan, excellent cut.  minor veils under 10x   3.46ct  $35..
L: 3.25in
W: 3.00in
H: 2.25in
Weight: 0.00ct
Four Peaks Amethyst, single crystal with a rare c-face (flat face on termination) and two adjoinin..
Amethyst in 14Kt Gold
L: 8.00mm
W: 0.00mm
H: 0.00mm
Weight: 1.90ct
Flawless round with great cut set in Stuller setting. 1.90 carats. chain not included but availabl..
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