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Minas Gerias, Brazil

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Blue Topaz
Item: 8323
Locality: Minas Gerias, Brazil
L: 20.00mm
W: 15.00mm
H: 9.50mm
Weight: 24.41ct
Flawless octagon (emerald cut) with London blue color.  Blue Topaz begins as colorless Topaz ..
Euclase on Muscovite
Item: 9454
Locality: Minas Gerias, Brazil
L: 1.40in
W: 1.00in
H: 1.00in
Weight: 0.00ct
Small but rare matrix specimen of Euclase, a rare Beryllium silicate.  Crystal is flawless an..
Quartz with Cleavelandite and Lepidolite
Item: 9334
Locality: Minas Gerias, Brazil
L: 4.00in
W: 3.50in
H: 2.00in
Weight: 0.00ct
Transparent Quartz with a junior formation in front, with white bladed Cleavelandite on one side, ..
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